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Elevate Your Commercial Property's Security with Access Control Solutions

A secure commercial property is essential for the success of any business, safeguarding valuable assets and ensuring a safe working environment for employees. In addition to installing high-quality fencing, implementing an access control system can significantly enhance your property's security by managing and restricting access to authorized personnel only. With over 45 years of experience in providing top-quality fencing solutions, Amko Fence is equipped with the knowledge and products necessary to tailor an access control solution that meets your specific security requirements and seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Take your commercial property's security to the next level by reaching out to Amko Fence for a personalized consultation and a free estimate on your access control system project.

The Advantages of Implementing Access Control Systems

Adopting an access control system for your commercial property can provide numerous benefits, contributing to a more secure, efficient, and productive work environment. Some of the key advantages of access control systems include the following:

1. Enhanced Security: By limiting access to essential personnel, access control systems help prevent unauthorized entry and protect valuable assets, reducing the risk of theft, trespassing, or vandalism.

2. Customized Access Management: Access control systems provide the flexibility to customize access levels for different employees and areas, ensuring that staff members can access the necessary spaces while keeping restricted areas secure.

3. Efficiency and Productivity: Streamlining access management can improve overall workplace efficiency by automating entry and exit procedures and reducing the likelihood of security breaches, allowing employees to focus on their core tasks.

4. Audit Trails and Monitoring: Modern access control systems enable the tracking of employee movements and provide valuable data on facility usage, helping managers make informed decisions and monitor suspicious behavior in real-time.

Evaluating Different Access Control System Types

There is a wide variety of access control systems available on the market, each offering unique features and catering to specific security needs. To make an informed decision, consider these popular access control system types:

1. Card-Based Access Control Systems: One of the most common forms of access control, card-based systems involve employees using identification cards for entry. These cards can be programmed with various access levels, offering a simple yet effective solution for managing access rights.

  • Pros: Easy to implement and manage, cost-effective, and suitable for most businesses.

  • Cons: Cards can be lost or stolen, potentially compromising security if not immediately deactivated.

2. Keypad Access Control Systems: These systems require users to enter a unique code, typically a numerical sequence, for authorization. Keypad systems are best suited for low to medium-security requirements.

  • Pros: Affordable, eliminates the risk of lost or stolen cards, and easy to change codes for increased security.

  • Cons: Codes can be shared or easily guessed, and updating codes for multiple users can be cumbersome.

3. Biometric Access Control Systems: Biometric systems use unique biological traits, such as fingerprints, iris scans, or facial recognition, to grant access. These systems offer a high level of security and precision, making them ideal for highly restricted or sensitive areas.

  • Pros: High-security levels, no cards or codes to manage or lose, and efficient authentication process.

  • Cons: Potentially expensive, may require specialized equipment, and may be affected by user-related factors such as injuries or lighting conditions.

Selecting the Right Access Control System for Your Business

When choosing the most suitable access control solution for your commercial property, consider the following factors:

1. Security Needs: Evaluate your business's security requirements, considering the level of sensitivity and potential risks associated with various areas. High-security applications may warrant the use of biometric systems, while lower-security environments could opt for card-based or keypad solutions.

2. Scalability: Consider the growth of your business and potential future access control requirements. Investing in a scalable system that can easily accommodate additional users or zones can save time and resources in the long run.

3. Budget: Access control systems come in various price ranges, so it is essential to find a system that aligns with your budget without compromising on security or performance.

4. User Experience: Opt for an access control system that is user-friendly and straightforward for your employees to use. A system that is easy to manage ensures seamless integration and minimal disruptions to daily operations.

Why Choose Amko Fence for Your Commercial Access Control System Solutions

Partnering with Amko Fence for your commercial access control system needs offers a variety of advantages:

1. Expert Consultation: Our experienced team will help you identify your security requirements and recommend tailored access control solutions that align with your unique needs and budget.

2. Quality Products: We pride ourselves on providing top-quality access control systems that offer superior performance and reliability.

3. Professional Installation: Our skilled technicians will install your access control system with precision, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and optimal system performance.

4. Ongoing Support: Count on Amko Fence for continued support, providing maintenance, repairs, and future upgrades as needed to ensure the success of your access control system.


Implementing an access control system is a critical step toward enhancing your commercial property's security, efficiency, and overall productivity. By working with a trusted fencing provider like Amko Fence, you can access expert guidance and high-quality products designed to meet your specific security needs. 

Safeguard your commercial property with Amko Fence's access control system installation services. Don't leave the security of your business to chance. Schedule a consultation and receive a free estimate today. Contact us now for professional commercial fence installation!

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