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Our Crews are Safety Approved

Amko Fence & Steel Company has an extensive safety program which allows us to be approved for work in high security facilities anywhere. 

We continue to change to meet any federal, state, and TWIC regulations along with our growth as a company to maintain the ability to work in any facility.

To help manage our safety programs and reporting requirements, we have teamed up with world renowned safety companies: Pics, ISN, Avetta, DISA, TWIC, OSHA and the local Alliance Safety Council.

These companies act as a pre-qualification system in order to supply materials or perform services for hundreds of companies in the chemical oil, gas energy, and construction industries as well as manage, direct, and improve our safety programs.


Amko Fence & Steel Co in Gonzales, LA Specializes in industrial chain-link fence.  We are the “GO TO” Company for any industrial fence application.  Our fence crews are members of the following and there is not a chemical plant or refinery that we do not have the credentials to enter.

ISN Amko Fence Industrial
Avetta Amko Fence Industrial
DISA AMKO Fence Industrial
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TWIC Amko Fence Industrial
ARSC Amko Fence Industrial
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