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Beautify Your Property with Stylish Decorative Fencing Solutions

A well-designed and visually appealing fencing system can do wonders for a property's curb appeal, complementing its architectural style and landscape while providing the desired level of security and privacy. At Amko Fence, we have been installing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing fences since 1976, transforming countless properties throughout Louisiana into stunning and secure havens. Our team of fencing experts is dedicated to helping our valued clients design and install the perfect decorative fencing solution for their property, creating an eye-catching visual impact that evokes elegance, charm, and sophistication.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore an array of decorative fencing options, from traditional wrought iron and ornamental aluminum to modern vinyl and composite materials. We will discuss the benefits and considerations for each type of fence material to help you make an informed decision based on your unique styling preferences, budget, and maintenance requirements. Additionally, we will provide valuable insights into customizing your decorative fence with unique elements, colors, and finishes to achieve a truly personalized look that sets your property apart.

With our expert guidance, you can confidently upgrade your property's perimeter with a stunning decorative fence that not only enhances its visual appeal but also offers practical security and containment benefits. So, let’s begin!

Exploring Decorative Fencing Materials and Their Benefits

Selecting the right fencing material is essential in achieving your desired aesthetic and functional objectives. Here, we discuss some popular decorative fencing materials and their benefits to help you make an informed choice:

1. Wrought Iron Fencing: Long favored for its timeless elegance and durability, wrought iron is considered the gold standard for decorative fencing. Its classic charm and versatility allow endless design possibilities, while its strength and longevity ensure lasting security and value.

2. Ornamental Aluminum Fencing: Ornamental aluminum offers a cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative to wrought iron without compromising on style or durability. Its rust resistance and lightweight construction make it suitable for various landscape settings and climates, and it can be easily customized with a range of colors and finishes.

3. Vinyl Fencing: Renowned for its durability, versatility, and minimal maintenance requirements, vinyl fencing can emulate the appearance of other materials, such as wood and stone, while providing superior resistance to weathering and decay. The wide range of styles, colors, and textures makes vinyl an attractive option for decorative fencing.

4. Composite Fencing: Combining the benefits of both wood and plastic, composite fencing offers an environmentally friendly and long-lasting solution for those seeking an alternative to traditional materials. Its low-maintenance nature and resistance to rot, insects, and fading make it ideal for decorative applications.

Key Elements to Consider When Designing Your Decorative Fence

A well-designed decorative fence should complement your property's architectural style, landscaping, and surrounding environment. To ensure a harmonious visual appearance that enhances your property's curb appeal, consider the following design elements:

1. Style: Align your fence style with the architectural design of your home or business, ensuring a cohesive and appealing aesthetic. For instance, a modern property may benefit from minimalist aluminum fencing, while a traditional home might be better suited to classic wrought iron designs.

2. Color: Choose a fence color that complements your property's exterior, whether you opt for a bold, contrasting hue or a subtle, harmonious shade. Powder-coated finishes are available in various colors, allowing you to personalize your fence and achieve your desired look.

3. Height: The height of your decorative fence should provide a balance between security, privacy, and aesthetics. Consider the scale of your property and the needs of its occupants when determining the optimal fence height.

4. Accent Features: Add personalized touches to your decorative fence with eye-catching accent features, such as finials, scrolls, and other artistic embellishments. These details can enhance your fence's visual appeal and reflect your unique sense of style.

Customizing Your Decorative Fence for a Distinctive Appearance

Customizing your fence with unique design elements, colors, and finishes can create a truly personalized and distinctive look for your property. Here, we offer some suggestions for enhancing your decorative fence's visual appeal:

1. Finials: Adorn the top of your fence posts with decorative finials, which can range from classic spearheads to ornate fleur-de-lis designs. Finials can be crafted from various materials, including metal and ceramic, and add a touch of elegance and refinement to your fence.

2. Decorative Panels: Incorporate decorative panels or latticework into your fence design for added visual interest and unique focal points. These elements can break up long stretches of fencing and create a more dynamic appearance.

3. Lighting: Incorporate outdoor lighting fixtures into your fence design to enhance its nighttime presence and ambiance. Properly placed fence lighting can highlight your fence's architectural features and contribute to a welcoming and secure atmosphere for your property.

4. Landscaping: Pair your decorative fencing with well-planned landscaping to create a harmonious and visually appealing environment. Consider coordinating plants, hedges, or vines with your fence to soften its appearance and create a lush and inviting outdoor space.


Decorative fencing offers an ideal solution for homeowners and businesses seeking to enhance their property's aesthetics and curb appeal while maintaining security and privacy. With a variety of materials, designs, and customization options available, the possibilities are virtually endless for creating a unique and visually appealing fence tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

Trust our team of professionals to guide you through the design and fence installation in Baton Rouge, ensuring that your decorative fencing solution exceeds your expectations and transforms your property's perimeter into a stunning focal point. Contact Amko Fence today to schedule a personalized consultation and receive your free project estimate for your decorative fencing project.

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